Unified Management
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Intelligent control centers are quickly becoming the primary outlet for unified management. Technology provides a new pathway to success, and Replicam Suite software is a powerful continuation of that pathway.


Replicam Software

Replicam provides flawless unification of video software and hardware without impeding organization functionality. As an Adaptive User Interface (AUI), Replicam can be easily installed and used without high-end hardware. It is setup for quick and easy installation. With PTZ camera control features, unlimited video and live streaming, as well as cross-platform performance Replicam is fully formatted for organizational management.

How Replicam Software Works

Replicam Management Suite offers a holistic and cost-effective alternative to traditional video surveillance. Unlike other systems, Replicam is formatted for deployment on several networks simultaneously without interruption. Each intelligent control center is outfitted and customized to the needs of the organization or business using it. This enables greater control, superior management and ultimately far better surveillance.


Why Replicam for Unified Management

Replicam is unified management at its finest. By putting the power in the hands of the end- user, Replicam creates a cost-effective and superior solution to webcasting, broadcasting, and video compatibility through advanced technology. This intelligent control center allows users to stream HD quality video to a wide variety of devices or publicly online. Its high level of quality streaming and camera management stays consistent across all platforms, without the needs for adjustment or alterations.

From cameras, video walls, NVRs, and walls to gateways and much more, this system provides Unified management of various streaming outlets in one convenient and highly intelligent control center. With unlimited streaming, user, and platform capability, this is a solution that is sure to make your management needs easier.

With a user-friendly setup, comprehensive support for virtually any browser, and powerful connectivity, the Replicam system offers superior unified management in one intuitive package.

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