The Replicam Genesis
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Black Box Operations, a corporation committed to envisioning and creating software for municipalities, emergency response networks, institutions, and organizations in need of intelligent, efficient, and effective solutions. Cities, their departments and organizations, and medium to large corporations all over the country rely on Black Box Operations due to their unbeatable quality of service and their continuous efforts to improve and expand their own services and offerings.

In 2009, we developed the first streaming video software of its kind for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), which we later named Replicam. Replicam was originally engineered as a simple way for the 6.5 million Arizonans to access and view all live video from ADOT freeway cameras. The primary challenge: videos needed to be viewed by any device that has access to the web without the use of plug-ins, apps, downloads or any other 3rd party software. This requirement created issues for off-the-shelf, video-streaming software.

In 2012, Scottsdale had a vision for a system that would easily integrate complete camera management, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) control and video sharing between departments, as well as other cities, by using standard internet protocols. This system needed to operate on all standard computers as well as mobile devices. By creating software that leverages web standards, Replicam has made it easy to integrate multiple departments and municipalities using a standard web browser interface.

We won't overcharge you, and we won't dilute our software. We ensure you receive precisely what you need in order to run your facility more efficiently and effectively, and that you pay only for what you need.

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